Cambodian Youth Environmental Network

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Study Tour

Beside the concept in the books, Study tour/Field Trip is the best method to gain real knowledge and experiences. CamYEM members occasionally have study tour to Natural Forests, Wetlands, Coastline, etc. to learn, understand and identify their ecosystem and the threat to those natural resources. Then creating new project to involve youth to be aware of those threat and trying to the solution that youth can contribute to help.

Meeting and Discussion

Meanwhile CamYEN has a project with GERES about New Loa stove Promotion and We had a serveral meeting together to implement this project. Other than that, Geres also trained our members about the technical of the New Loa Stove.
Beside meeting with partner, CamYEN also generaly have group discussion and training among members about the upcoming project  and to strengthen member capacity as well. 




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