Programs Offered

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FBE program currently offers undergraduate programs conducted in English.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Undergraduate program aims to provide general education and basic knowledge in business and economics fields. Currently, this program is composed of following specialization:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Finance
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Business Information System
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management


Graduates from B&E are equipped with knowledge and skills that are sought after by both domestic and international companies and organizations. The discipline majors prepare graduates to enter their respective industries, both private and public sectors. Possible professions such as accountant, auditor, economist, tax advisor, financial analyst or advisor, business system analyst, tourism agent or consultant, and bank, just a few, are the destination of our graduates.

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