Graduate School of Management & Economics(GSME)

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Business, economics, finance, policy formulation, and management practitioners keep pace with multinational business changes and improve their governance in a business firm, enterprise, international organization and any governments. The GSME programs are designed to meet the urgent needs of scholars at the graduate and postgraduate levels to advance and modernize business, leadership, management, and enrich professional skills and knowledge for innovation and wisdom to address our today’s global economic challenges.

The philosophy fits the tradition, values, pioneering motto of Pannasatra University of Cambodia, which places a strong emphasis on the practitioner-oriented scholars. In realizing such a philosophy , the GSME program require high academic commitment and achievement from its students acquiring knowledge and expertise in the academic theories and principles of business, finance, economics, public policy and management. Knowledge from the graduate and post graduate studies applies to both private and public sectors in our contemporarily globalized economy. The strategic goal of Master and Doctoral Studies Programs is to assist PUC practitioner-oriented scholars to brighten and enhance their professionals and to move towards self-enlightenment with knowledge gained and used in accordance with humane and ethical values.

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