Faculty of Law & Public Affairs

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The Faculty of Law and Public Affairs (FLPA) strives to deliver quality of legal education that is attainable by, and responsive to the needs of the people of Cambodia and the global community. We place special emphasis on research and studies in law, social justice, and policy.
As a school of law, our mission is to produce a wide range of human resources for the 21st century through the curriculum grounded in the principles of multidisciplinarism, internationalism, and pioneerism. LPA has an established and internationally recognized reputation for excellence in teaching law in English. LPA’s faculty members care about their teaching and see students as a priority. FLPA welcomes students of all backgrounds.

The Faculty provides a unique opportunity for high quality legal education. Rather than just telling people how we are doing things differently and better, this institution is committed to making it obvious that we are student-centred and devoted to preparing students to enter into professions.

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