Regulations on Attendance

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These regulations are applied after the period of PUC Add/Drop-class Policy finishes. For sixteen-week semester, the Add/Drop-class Policy lasts three weeks equal to nine hours, whereas it lasts two weeks equal to eight hours for twelve-week semester.

Section One: Absence without permission

A) If a student misses 5 sessions for unknown or unexcused reasons, he/she shall receive 15% deduction of their overall score in their course.

B) If a student misses 10 sessions, he/she shall have his/her overall score deducted 30% in the course.

C) If a student misses more than 10 sessions for unknown and unexcused reasons, he/she shall be marked with (W grade) as an automatic withdrawal from the course.

Section Two: Absence with Permission

A) The Professors have the rights to grant or reject permissions based on a student’s excuses and the study load he/she will miss.

B) The students have to write directly a formal request letter for permission to their professors (a sample can be obtained at APO/Admin.). The students are responsible for providing satisfactory evidence to the professors to substantiate the reason for absence.

C) The students can be excused from attending class of a graded activity or when the attendance contributes to a student’s grade. The excuse is based on:

  1. The University authorized activity;
  2. Illness of an immediate family member;
  3. Participation in legal or administrative procedures that need a student’s presence;
  4. Religious holy day;
  5. Injury or illness that is too severe for the student to attend the class;
  6. Mandatory admission interview for professional or school which can not be rescheduled.

In this case, the professors shall find some time available to make up the test or class activity or
provide supplementary reading materials for the excused student.

D) The excused absence for an extended period of more than 13 class sessions shall result in (W grade) as an automatic withdrawal from the course (s).

Section Three: Tardiness

A) The students have to attend class punctually at the schedule set by the University.

B) Fifteen minute-tardiness is considered late attendance to the class.

C) If the students come late fifteen minutes for four or six times equal to 90 minutes of class sessions, they are considered absent without permission for one time equals to 1.5 hours. The accumulation of their tardiness may reach a particular number of absences without permission resulting in score deduction as stated in Section One.

D) The students, who are late up to 25 minutes without good reasons, shall be marked absent even when they sit in the classroom.

E) The students who are regularly late from 15 to 25 minutes due to their personal obligatory work shall be pre-arranged with the professors. Granting or rejecting permission in this case will be at the professors’ discretion.

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