Programs offered

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I. Undergraduate Studies

1. B.A. in TESOL
This program prepares students for a variety of classroom situations in English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a Foreign Language (EFL), and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) settings. It is committed to providing a broad knowledge base in humanities, sciences, social sciences, and languages. It also aims to improve students’ basic knowledge and skills in applied linguistics, literature, communications, interpreting and translation. More importantly, it builds the students’ competence in English teaching, curriculum development, testing and assessment.

Career Prospect:
The students will be able to work in the role of English school teachers or university professors, curriculum designers, translators, testing officers, etc. The students will also have great chance to win scholarships to study abroad.

2. B.A. in Educational Administration
This program is tailored for primary and secondary school administrators to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to administer schools.

Career Prospect:
The students will be able to work in the role of school administrators such as school principals, head teachers, subject coordinators, supervisors, senior assistant, directors of studies, etc.

3. B.A. in Curriculum & Instruction
This program is designed for pre-service teachers and experienced teachers of primary and secondary schools who will provide instruction and conduct a role of a school administrator and general education level, or at higher education level. Major courses include curriculum development, measurement and evaluation, IT in education, counseling, classroom management, methodology in teaching English, maths, sciences, social sciences, and humanities, etc.

II. Graduate Studies

1. M.Ed. in TESOL

This program is committed to providing a broad knowledge base in these areas: linguistics, second language acquisition processes, social and cultural factors in second language learning, current theories and methods of second language teaching, testing and evaluation, research methodology, discourse analysis, curriculum and materials design, advanced TESOL methods, etc.

Career Prospect:
The students will be able to work as university professors, curriculum designers, researchers, supervisors, department heads, test designers, etc.

1. M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Leadership

This program is designed to prepare future leaders and managers in education. The learners will be equipped with knowledge and skills required for leading and managing effective educational institutions. The program covers research in education, educational psychology, educational ethics, educational leadership and management theories and practices, instructional leadership, curriculum development, human resource management, financial and material resource management, student affairs & services, IT in education, testing and evaluation, strategic management, etc.

Career Prospect:
The students will be able to work as school principals, curriculum designers, school financial managers, academic deans, human resource managers, supervisors, directors of student affairs & services, professors, researchers, etc.

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