This year’s Rotary Club’s scholarship has almost doubled

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It was amazing for the scholarship winners of the Rotary Club this year to receive almost double their original grant.

Ms. Nhil Leakena and Mr. Nan Nat are the winners in 2017. Both of them are in year 4 in TESOL and Environmental Science. They were glad to get sponsored for their last year of the study at Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC).

Mr. Nat expressed his profound thanks to the delegates and other members of the club who kindly contributed their share to help the Cambodian students. He wished to use the money to do his senior project about waste management.

 “$560 is a lot for me as a student in need. I will use some budget to buy a computer after paying the school fee,” said Ms. Leakena.

Every year, the Rotary club, a community and international service organization, has funded numerous PUC students. Students who are in poor living conditions, outstanding, and committed students are privileged to be funded. Therehave been almost 40 scholarship winners totally.

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