PUC Students and Staff Behind New Research Brief and Video

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Social Sciences and International Relations (SSIR) students Bong Chansambath (Senior) and Sen Chantarasingh (3rd  Year) produced most of the research for a written brief and corresponding video clip on “Youth Political Participation in Cambodia”, by youth group Politikoffee and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation (KAS). Catherine V Harry, current student in the faculty of Communication and Media Arts (FCMA) and v-logger for A Dose of Cath, hosted the video clip as the narrator. Vanaka Chhem-Kieth, SSIR lecturer and Assistant Dean, edited the research and coordinated the video production with Politikoffee and KAS. 

You can watch the video clip below:


You can download the research brief below:

Research Brief

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