Institution and International Cooperation

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PUC is the first higher learning institution in Cambodia that provides English based education in all subjects, and is officially authorized and accredited by the Royal Government of Cambodia to grant degrees in Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. to qualified students. PUC adopts international standard curriculum generally used by American and other developed countries’ colleges and universities (combining General Education and Foundation Courses with Major Core subjects). This academic model assures that credit units and degrees earned at PUC will be recognized by and equivalent to those of other accredited universities abroad.

From our founding, we have taken our role most seriously to educate and empower future leaders. PUC strives to provide top quality instructions and to play a leadership role in local, national, regional, and global affairs. Our faculty members are drawn from business, government, NGO, and academia from around the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, India, the Philippines, etc.

In order to integrate our graduates into the ASEAN and international community, we use English as our primary vehicle of learning.  Indeed, PUC is the only university in Cambodia to offer all instructions and textbooks in English. Within ten years, we are very well known in the region, and are recognized as the most competitive higher learning institution in Cambodia for degree seekers. However, each year student enrollment is growing so fast that we cannot absorb all the demand, but select only a reasonable number among the best candidates. This is in order to maintain good quality instructions through adequate preparations and planning.

PUC is working in academic and technical cooperation with several American universities (i.e., University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Troy University of Alabama, California State University System represented by California State Fullerton, Long Beach and Dominguez Hills, Bridgewater State University) and many other well know universities in Italy, Australia,United Kingdom, India, China, Japan, and Republic of Korea.


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